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My name is Gerald W. and I live in sunny Florida. I'm a Work-At-Home Entrepreneur and I work from home to earn extra money. I put this website together to help advertise my business products & services and to show you how I'm able to do this to make extra money working from home.

To be honest, there is no BIG SECRET to what I'm doing. And what I'm doing is very simple...

I'm earning extra cash working at home by posting ads online & offline to find other people who "Want To Work & Earn Money From Home" and I show them exactly how I'm doing it - that's actually one topic I post ads about.

I also post ads for several other topics people in my target market are looking for more information about on the Internet - you can see the list I've made of these other topics further below. This allows me to earn "Multiple Streams" of income. Being a "Work-At-Home Entrepreneur" allows me to wear different hats. I participate in different money making opportunities like MLM/Network Marketing Programs, Affiliate Marketing, etc., which give me multiple income streams.

You probably found your way here to this website from one of the advertisements I posted.

Posting daily advertisements is one of the most important tasks in my business - and it is the secret to getting results. I can't Make Sales, get New Sign-ups or Build My Mailing List without posting daily advertisements. I have a daily schedule in place for accomplishing this.

I also had to create an Online Identity for myself. An online identity is how I get people to notice ME. This is similar to “Branding” - but, no where near as complex. I just wanted to do something simple to stand out of the crowd and get noticed.

This site you’re on now is part of my “Online Identity”.

Tens of thousands of people are advertising the same things I do and again, I want to stand out of the crowd.

This is just me saying…

Hey, Here I Am!!!

I have a very simple set of goals for my business.

My goals are to…

1) Get people to Notice My Advertisements.

2) Capture Their Contact Information when they respond so I can communicate with them for the next few weeks/months or even years down the road - providing them with valuable information and the offers I promote.

3) Make Sales And/Or Get Sign-Ups from the people I'm communicating with who have gotten to Know, Like, & Trust ME!

4) And, to continue to Build A List of interested prospects to share valuable information with and continue to sell to over & over again!

It’s just that simple!

But, here’s the neat thing about having an online identity…

My advertising is Focused & Consistent because my marketing message(s) stays the same!

Just to define it... A Marketing Message is what you are advertising to grab your prospect’s attention to tell them that you can provide them with the information they need - most likely to solve a problem and/or provide a solution for something. Then, through consistent "Value Focused" communications you'll give them reasons why they should trust you and why they should choose you over any other choices they might have to solve their problem/provide a solution.

So, when I choose to join a new Biz Opp or start promoting a new product or service – I don’t have to change my marketing message(s). These Biz Opps, Products & Services are just income vehicles in my business. I use them to get paid. I advertise my marketing message(s) to get responses and later I introduce my different income vehicles to the people who have responded.

My marketing message(s) could be any one of the following topics below.

*You can have and should have multiple marketing messages.

I focus on topics that people in my target market are looking for more information about…

•    How To Make Money From Home…
•    How To Get More People To Join Your Business…
•    How To Get Your Email Advertisements Opened…
•    How To Write Great Sales Copy That Get Responses…
•    How To Generate Hundreds Of Leads By Posting Free Ads…
•    How To Build A Massive And Highly Responsive Mailing List…
•    How To Create A Business Website That Makes Money…
•    How To Get Cash & Credit For Your Business…
•    How To Live The Healthiest Life Possible…
•    How To Retire Wealthy And Never Worry About Money Again...
•    And the list goes on

I simply offer to provide them with the information they were looking for and in exchange for this information they give me their contact information. I then have the opportunity to continue to communicate with them and potentially make sales from them in the future.

Now, you can even sweeten the exchange by giving them a "Gift" that is of "value" and could be of use to them. Your gift could be a Special Report, an Audio Recording, a Set of Videos, a Case Study, a Discount or Promo Code, a FREE Website (Which you will know how to do in a few minutes), or Anything YOU Own or have the Resell Rights to can be used as a gift.

***Ask me later about how you can offer "Other" peoples FREE Gifts as your own. This is probably the easiest way to give people FREE Gifts in exchange for their contact information!

*ALL of your communications with leads, prospects, subscribers, etc. should always be "Value Focused". Meaning that the information in each communication is going to be valuable information. That is why it pays to always learn new stuff!

The great thing about having a marketing message is that it allows me to be focused when it comes to advertising my business. I don’t have to worry about advertising one particular biz opp, product, or service because I have built my business around my online identity with marketing message(s).

I’m willing to bet that you have joined at least 5 different business opportunities and have purchased a dozen products or services in the past 5 years, am I right?

Are you able to effectively advertise them? Having so many different things to advertise makes it very hard to be effective. Most entrepreneurs don't have the resources or the time to manage advertising several different things.

Having your own online identity allows you to make money from multiple biz opps, products, & services because your marketing message is focused.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about with a focused marketing message…

Let’s use Wal-Mart for this example. Wal-Mart is a huge provider of goods & services among other things. They have thousands of products, but you never see them running ads to promote each and every single product. They might highlight a few products for promotional purposes, but their marketing message is... they have everything you need at the lowest price! Their marketing message is just to get you in their store. Once they have you at a Wal-Mart store they know they have an excellent chance to make a sale with you with their seemingly endless line of products & services.

Now, imagine your business being that simple. You might highlight a new biz opp, product or service, but your marketing message still stays the same. All of those different biz opps that you have joined, the different products and services you have purchased in the past that you don't know what to do with now - Well, now they are YOUR products or income vehicles that you can add to your online identity to make money from.

Here's what happens now...

People find your advertisements and read exactly what your marketing message is offering. If they like what they've read they will take action and go to your website. If they want to receive more information they'll respond by giving you their contact information and they can move on to get the information. You can even entice them further by offering a valuable freebie/gift!

That's all there is to it!

This is how I make money online and this is how you can make money online too.

So, your next step now is to establish YOUR online identity.

And, I'm going to help you get your online identity established.

I have put together a "Getting Started" page with everything I have used so far to establish my online identity and much more. I also have a resource page titled "My Biz Tools" that has more information about what I have used to establish my Online Identity.

You'll also get some of the advertising methods I use to get noticed and drive traffic to my website. I'm still testing other advertising mediums - that's why I say some.

Your ads will drive people to your website, which will have a few of your "Front-End" business opportunities listed.

These are just two of my Front-End Business Opportunities listed below...


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