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Below are my Daily Advertising Activities that I call my "Main 6"! These are some of the easiest advertising sources/methods to implement and maintain!

Classified Ads Advertising is the easiest way to get started with your online advertising and it's FREE. There are MANY classified ad sites that rank very high on You can advertise in hundreds of cities in the U.S. and around the world.

The next one is Sticky Note Marketing w/ Post-It Notes. This is a local advertising strategy you can use to generate leads right in your own city or town. This is very easy to do once you get the supplies needed - Post-It Notes & a Stamper.

Next, is Postcard Advertising. This one will cost some money to implement, but it can be very lucrative if you do it right. It's cheaper, less time consuming and more effective than letter mailings. The keys to success with postcard marketing is Testing & Consistency. Just "Copy" exactly what we show you!

Email Advertising... Now I attack this from two ways - 1) I am personally building my own list to advertise to and 2) I buy email leads to advertise to and to further build my personal list. (I don't have a link posted for this yet - COMING SOON!)

Another resource I use is the MLM Recruit On Demand System. This is a lead system you pay $15 one-time to get access to UNLIMITED Leads for life! The type of leads you get access to are Genealogy Leads, which in my opinion are some of the best leads you can get.

The IBOToolBox is a "Business Social" platform that's FREE to use to advertise your business and more importantly - a place where you can meet and build relationships with "like-minded" people.

I have created webpages for these advertising methods/sources so you can learn more about how I'm using these advertising methods. The links to them are further below.

Guys, a big reason why so many work-at-home entrepreneurs fail is because they don't have a plan for advertising EVERYDAY to create a flow of leads! Without leads you don't have the opportunity to introduce people to what you are promoting.

It is good to know your compensation plan, to be knowledgeable about your different products, and even know your company's background - but, without leads you will fail.

Use these advertising methods to jump start the flow of leads to your business. Master them and continue to add more advertising methods! I'll be adding more methods I use like...




Below are the links to the methods/sources I use to advertise my business...

Detailed, but SIMPLE Training for...

Advertising on Classified Ad Sites!
(Online Advertising)

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Quick Training...

"Sticky Note Marketing" with Post-It Notes!
(Offline Advertising)
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Quick Training...

Advertising with Postcards!
(Offline Advertising)

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Learn More About MLM Recruit On Demand...

Get "Experienced" Leads - ONLY $15 One-time Fee!
(Online & Offline Advertising)

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Show & Tell Training...

"Email Marketing" Paid & Organic
(Online Advertising)

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Learn More About IBOToolBox...

It's like Facebook, but for Entrepreneurs!!!
(Online Advertising)

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