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Hi Everyone,

Well, I have been "Seriously" working towards earning an income from home for almost 3 1/2 years now (I say seriously because before that I treated my business like a hobby). I still work a full-time job and run an ice cream sales business as well.

When I lost my $60,000 a year job I was crushed. I had to use up my retirement savings and pretty much start over from scratch. This whole ordeal made me realize that I needed more than one income source coming in. I decided to stop trading dollars for my time and start trading dollars for providing value. Instead of just clocking in somewhere, I was also going to use my brain to create businesses that made profits for me. I decided to create a plan that would place my money into 4 types of businesses... namely investments, profit-sharing, commission-based, and business tools.

I have carefully chosen programs and from that I'm reinvesting my earnings into the best ones and promoting the ones that are working for me.

This page lists most of my income vehicles. These biz opps, products, & services are how I get paid. I simply introduce people, who subscribe to my list, to each one of them. There is a lot of value in each of these Biz Opps, Products, & Services. So, when someone on my list makes a "Value Driven" purchase - I earn money!

Nowadays, I choose my Biz Opps, Products, & Services very, very carefully. I don't just jump on something because it's hot and everyone is joining. I take the time to investigate the company, the offer, the support, etc. I also have questions that I ask... For example - Will the product or service sell on its own without being associated with a biz opp? Is there a real, ongoing need for this product or service? (Meaning will people need to have this product or service for an extended period of time?) And so on.

I'm building my business for longevity. I want to have my online/offline businesses continue to grow for years to come.


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